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Owls, April 29

On days like these, we like to plan for some adventures and skill-based learning, and leave open space for surprises to happen. Here's how our day turned out!

Planned: we played a new version of Capture the Flag in a very expanded area (with a lot of hills!). This opened up the game so that players could play a new role (offense vs. defense, for example) and practice being a strategizer versus a follower (both are important!).

Our Bow Drill lesson was amazing; we discovered how much hard work it took, and how much easier it was to work as a team. With two people, some of us were successful in making smoke and a few hot coals! We hope to get better and better at this skill!

Some unplanned adventures included: river walking, rock skipping, running races, and some very good 'sit down' games!

At the end of the day, we made a keepsake; a wood cookie with colour on them. Here are what the colours represent (ask your child what they meant for them!):

  • red = something happened that was challenging and you wanted to give up

  • black = you were exhausted at some point

  • blue = you had a memorable connection with someone, maybe someone you don't usually hang out with

  • yellow = you achieved the goal you had set out for the day

  • green = you noticed something interested/cool in nature

  • purple = something surprised you in the day

Thanks for driving everyone today, and being soooo on time! We hope to do one more hike in the mountains before the end of the year - stay tuned!

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