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Owls, April 27

Our trip to Prince's Island this week was filled with discoveries, from an osprey hovering above us, several swarming anthills, and a heron in the wetlands, to re-learning how to play handball with a stuffed frog and noticing how our teamwork and communication as a group has progressed.

The boat competition tested our ingenuity as we built boats for three different categories: weight-bearing capacity, speed, and bridge drop. The winner off the competition, Simon, offers this advice on boat building: "Think with simplicity." Most of the Owls concluded it was better to work in a team than alone.

It was also Owen's last day at forest school. As we offered shout-outs and recalled favourite memories of Owen from this year and previous years we reflected on how we'll miss him and one Owl remarked, "You're definitely in forest school history." We brought snacks to share to celebrate his last day, and even offered some to the ants.

Ask your Owl what the appreciate about having Owen in the class and what they discovered in this new setting or in their play.

Boat building

Nature scavenger hunt

The heron!

All-you-can-eat buffet for the ants :)

Song sparrow

The Animal Game: Maritime Edition

Taking advantage of the open space to play Handball

More discoveries: crab claw, round rock, and mystery plants

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