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Owls, April 14

Our love of football continues with a new variation: two balls! This really made us focus on which position we were going to focus on - offense or defense. When my team forgot about defense, the other team waltz over the end zone while we focussed on scoring! This made us be more intentional with our strategy planning, and to hold strong in our positions. I love how those who thought they didn't like football, or thought they wouldn't be good at it, are all in with morning sessions. What a caring, safe atmosphere to learn a new sport in - thanks Owls!

We are continuing to practice our play, and are very exciting some of you are able to come! We will be focussing on props; if your Owl has anything they want to contribute, they can bring it next week. We will be making most of ours from scratch! They can also continue to practice their lines, and when in the play they say them. Concentrating on the later scenes will be most helpful!

Lastly, we are encouraging the Owls to notice the experiences of the others in their group. We will take this to the next level this week by talking about how we can influence the experience of others, to a point!

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