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Owls, Apr 7

The Blueberry football team (aka The Go-T's) made a stunning comeback this week. Maybe it was because we played on the flat ground at Sammy's Park.

Mountain Ash team tried some clever strategies to level the score but the Blueberries were victorious - this time! Rematch next week.

We took another visit to see the Great Horned Owls and this time collected pellets to dissect to see if we could tell what the owls have been eating. Ask your Owl what animal signs they saw and what the owls have been hunting on the bluff.

Connecting Questions:

- How did you find playing football at the park compared to on the bluff?

- What questions came up for you as you dissected the owl pellets?

- Are you confident you will learn your lines in the play ready for performance day?

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