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Owls, 31 March

Spring has sprung - we spent the whole day outside!

The warmer weather means The Play, Victory's Trials, is back in full force. More costumes were created and rehearsals began again. There's a lot to practice but stay tuned for the performance date. It's coming soon!

During cheer practice everyone was given a specific role to help the group succeed. There were do-ers, a safety co-ordinator, an encourager, a watcher, a photographer. The job of safety co-ordinator was taken by Emery and Tucky at different times. Their contrasting leadership styles led us to think about how we respond to the way we're instructed to do something.

After lunch Hazel took us to see a pair of Great Horned Owls that have settled on her street very close to the bluff. The owls have checked out several trees on the street and are now perched in a large spruce tree, exactly where Hazel thought they would be. We watched them for a while, found feathers and pellets and even showed the house owner the owls in her garden (she'd heard them but thought they were across the road). We'll be visiting them again.


Ask your child what their role was in cheer and how they did helping the group.

What are you looking forward to in practicing and performing the play?

What questions do you have about the owls?

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