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Oct 19 Burrowing Owls

The weather continues to hold as we experience new ways of being in the Animal Game! Yes, we are learning about habitats and ecology, but we are also, and maybe more importantly, learning about strategy, noticing each other in the game, planning for survival by relying on each other, and empathy.

Ask your Owl who they were in the game today, and how they survived!

We created a Treaty at the end of the game; this was an exercise in understanding what a treaty is by making one ourselves, and noticing how we 'bent' and were flexible for each other in the game, in order to make the whole system work. For example, we did not more water than we needed, and we didn't hunt the same person twice. The class wanted to try a 'Chaos Game' afterwards, with no treaty or rules, to see how it worked, and they did! There was a lot of tagging and running, for sure! Ask them how that version went! We hope to foster a 'lived experience' of a treaty, and in the future make one with the land we are on.

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