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Nuthatches, Nov 8

The Nuthatches are an active crew, with lots of ideas and enthusiasm! Today I felt like they channeled all that energy together and came up with a tree house! It was great to see them working together, bouncing ideas and inviting each other to help with the project. It started with chatting while sawing a log, which they then painted and talked more about turning it into a treehouse. I helped build the framework and then the building began! The roof was put on, coat hangers and backpack hanger were built. They showed each other their closets and overall were focused on the tasks ahead! I see many more fort building classes! Ask your nuthatch what they added to the fort, which was the most challenging to add and what they will add next class?

We played some games and dabbled with other activities but once the ball started rolling with the fort all other activities were put aside!

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