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Nuthatches, Nov 1

The zipline was such a hit last class we couldn't wait to set it up again! The Nuthatches have figured out some good guidelines for making the zipline fun, we take turns by creating a line up, which allows us to know who is up next. It was tempting to hangout and swing after our turn that we created a swing specific area so the zipline can continue to be used. Next class I hope we can create many fun swings and obstacles to compliment the zipline. This class we even tried going down two and at time, which required bravery, communication and good hip flexion.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon which allowed the nuthatches to sit and explore the tool circle, practice their sawing skills and hammering skills! Then we finished off with soap carving, todays soap is a multi class project so we will keep working on them next class!

Connection Questions:

What was your favorite part of the zipline? going down with a buddy? swinging ? hanging upside down? What did you carve during soap carving ?

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