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Nuthatches, May 2nd

The Nuthatches were excited to welcome Henry and Adrian and started the class by showing them around their favourite spots. We walked up to our regular spot while listening for birds that we could identify. We also talked about how different animals move in groups. Particularly how wolf packs move with the strongest at the back of the pack and the youngest and weakest at the front of the pack. Perhaps ask your Nuthatch why this is so. Once at the spot we took out the magnifying glasses and binoculars to see if we could find bugs coming out of hibernation. We found lots of ants, a squished beetle and one ladybug. We didn't find any spiders so we read a book about a busy spider weaving her web. Inspired we set out to weave our own giant web, which took a lot of communication and team effort. We then tried different ways of trying to get through the web without touching any of the ropes and made it even more difficult by adding a sleepy spider to the mix.

After some free play making potions with water and mud as well as making smaller webs using yarn and sticks we headed down the hill for pick up. On the way down we used chalk along the pathway to create a walking story.

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