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Nuthatches, Jan 17

Today we focused on our Coyote friend from last week! We drew and colored a large cutout of Coyote to match what we saw, he had a orangeish face, dark tail and back and a silver belly. Ask your Nuthatch which part they colored. Learning coyotes colors helps us compare him to some of the dogs we see. We drew his paw print and then compared it to all the dog prints in the snow, we decided its is very similar !

We started on our coyote story, drawing and naming our coyotes and will be continuing it next week. Ask your Nuthatch about their coyote. The Nuthatches wanted to make coyotes home and they all worked together using the Christmas tree to make a home for all three of their coyotes. Ask your Nuthatch which room they added and if their coyote had special powers.

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