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Nuthatches, Jan 10

We had a special guest visit us today, we were roasting apples around the fire when our coyote friend came by. He was comfortable around us but when I moved he scampered off. It was fun getting to watch a animals in our forest space and Nuthatches did a good job of staying calm and quite so we could watch them. Next week we want to write a story about the coyote.

We practiced our fire skills again today, lighting matches, chopping wood and tending to our fire. We learned snowy sticks don't help our fire and that if we use too big of pieces the fire goes out. Ask your child what part of the fire building they liked and what stage we added in the straw to burn.

We also did lots of sliding! The Nuthatches tried many different types of materials and did a good job sharing and communicating when they wanted to switch items. Neil helped teach the other two how to snowboard and we hope to keep practicing next week!

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