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Grey Squirrels, Nov 23

We are starting to explore how animals adapt to Canadian winters. During class the children had the chance to feel real fur from rabbit, racoon and fox, using their knowledge to decide which piece was from which animal. We talked about how our clothing acts in the same way as animal fur keeping us warm and protected from the weather. Seeing the furs led to questions about whether they were real, if the animals were still alive and how we had got these animal parts. All great questions to ponder. We asked the children to handle the fur respectfully because they had once been living creatures, building their connection between themselves and the natural world.

The Squirrels were very enthusiastic to help the birds that stay in Calgary for the winter. They made a bird feeder with an apple and sunflower seeds during sit spot. Some of them wanted to hang the feeders in our spot and you've hopefully seen the ones that came home.

Connecting Questions:

- what did the fur feel like?

- What did you make in the tool circle?

- Have you seen any birds eating from your bird feeder?

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