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Grey Squirrels, March 1

Thank you for dressing your children so they can play freely in the water and mud if they want to. With it being such a warm afternoon there were water streams everywhere which were fully appreciated by Wyatt, Cosma, Cole, Zacchary, Henry and Walter. They created a mudslide down the bank leaping energetically to slide as far as they could. This led to finding a large rock about 1m long which they have decided they will excavate and move. Where to is uncertain but their determination is strong so it's likely the digging and discoveries that go with it will continue next week! While all this was going on Olive, Abigail and Astrid were creating in the tool circle. Carving and sanding, hammering nails and making decorations.

We all came together later in class to make cork boats and float them down the stream on the path. There was such originality in design as simple cork boats turned in to fish, squid and motor boats using tooth picks and felt. Amazing imaginations!

Sadly we are saying farewell to Ms Jessie this week : (

with Ms Megan returning to class next week : )

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