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Grey Squirrels, Dec 14

Today was a day to be active and stay warm and everyone did great!

We walked up to the 'Teardrop' area at the top of the bluff and had fun sledding and rolling down the hill. Olive, Abigail and Miss Megan lasted the longest sledding.

Denan, Wyatt and Astrid decided to make a rope climbing area over the fence, practicing their own knots to secure the ropes. It took strength and balance to climb back and forth and try out different routes they could take.

The snow shovels we brought along inspired Walter, Cole and Zacchary to build a snow fort together, which they decorated with sticks and spruce branches.

Wishing you all a fabulous winter break! Jessie and I are looking forward to seeing the Grey Squirrels back on January 4th. We are lucky to have Celine, another Upstream Forest School teacher, joining us then to.

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