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Forest School Special, Jan 20

We began our day with a game of Fire in the Woods, which required us to move quickly and strategically around the other 'fires'! This game turned out to be an indicator of our day - the children loved being invited to try lighting matches. We learned that matches are used when invited by an adult, how to hold them safety, how to strike the match, and how to be comfortable holding the match once lit. We are excited about building a bigger next week, and planning to cook food on the fire by our last class!

We discovered a shelter that had already been started, so we added to it with more sticks, and benches for the inside. A wall was also built on one side, which added more privacy. Some children also enjoyed attaching a rope to a tree (using their own knots!) to practice climbing it. An adventurous bunch!

We will meet in the same spot we did this week - this gives us more time to work on our projects! Thank you!

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