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Dawn's Summer

My summer kicked off with me running the Millarville Half-Marathon and as I haven't ran that distance since my twenties I was pretty happy with how it went!

The major highlight was returning to the Motherland and catching up with family and friends, especially spending time with my young nephews who were toddlers when I saw them last and searching for frogs in my Mam's garden pond. I got to eat some favourite British treats (yes, fish and chips were eaten on the beach but fortunately the sun was shining and the seagulls left us alone!) and introduce my kids to the delicacies I can't buy in Canada.

I tried surfing on a beautiful beach in northern England and did manage to stand up on the board for a very long time. Well, I managed to stand up!

There were cultural adventures

- Visiting the Jorvik Viking Centre, where you ride through 10th Century York seeing and smelling what life was like in that time for Norse people and the traders passing through. It's a reconstruction on the site of an archaeological dig where they discovered so much new evidence about the Norse settlement.

- Seeing a cannon being fired in an 18th century seaport and walking through the spectacular HMS Trincomalee, the oldest floating British warship and the last of Admiral Lord Nelson’s Frigates.

- Walking along a section of the Roman Wall. The sentence "We're going to see a wall? Why?" was exclaimed many times by my two teenagers along with multiple eye rolls but they had a good time!

Back in Canada I went backcountry camping with another family and swam in an alpine lake. I was being a Moose and escaping the heat and the bugs. It was refreshing and numbing at the same time!

Thanks for reading!

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