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Coyotes, Sept 27

Hello! Today I (Lucy) will be writing the blog . Today was a training day for the Coyotes, we practiced with the Rabbits class. To make sure we were prepared for the mini Forest School we’ll be hosting! And like the previous week, we made flyers to put up around Sunnyside! The class also got really into some string finger games, and everyone was making dancing ghosts and doing performances for each other.

After the practice run, the Coyotes moved spots to get away from the hot sun. Over there we played some rounds of Telephone, it was interesting to hear how some messages were changed. And how some like, “Stomach, Guts, and Intestines.” Got changed to, “Stomach, Cuts, and intestines.” We also had some fun playing Coo-wee! An Australian game. Similar to Marco Polo, but instead of having your eyes closed. Everyone hides, and when the “Seeker,” Yells, Coo-Wee! You yell back, Coo-Wee! They then use the sound to find you!

After all that. For Orange Shirt Day, we sat down in a circle, as did the Indigenous. Which is on the 30th. Then everyone stuck their hand in Ms. Lea’s “Bag Of Mystery.” And pulled out a trinket, like a wheel, rubber snake, clothespin, some bark, a baby toy, measuring tape, a crumpled piece of paper, or a slice of wood. You’d then think of something that happened today that resembled your item. And that is basically it folks. The End -Lucy

We were very impressed by the Coyotes' clear communication and organisation of the games they set up for the Rabbits. They welcomed all of the Rabbits in to the group and made sure everyone felt included. Everyone feels ready and prepared for the first mini Forest School next week - so exciting!

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