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Coyotes, Oct 6

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Again we asked the Coyotes to group up as a team and make strategies and decisions together. They seemed to come together in a more cohesive way than last week. For a group 'rescue mission', the youth had to get everyone over the rope, with different challenges added in. In debriefing this activity, they noticed that;

-it was good to build on each other's strategies, and to say your own idea out loud so that someone else could build on it

-it didn't work for everyone to just try a couple things out by themselves. They needed an overarching strategy that would work for everyone

We noticed that the youth had to be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses; those that knew they could jump and climb volunteered to go last, and those that knew they couldn't, went first, without any shame or embarrassment. This was great to see!

Then, the chemistry, this time recording our efforts, tree fort building, charcoal drawing and carving...and choosing an animal to represent us for the weeks and months to come!

Connection Question:

What strategy did you choose for the electric rope game? Which one didn't work, and why?

What did you add to your playdough to make colour or smell?

Which animal did you choose and why?

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