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Coyotes, Oct 11

The rain presented new challenges to us this week! We practiced, as always, putting up tarps for shelter. This is new to some of us; it's exciting to teach a new round of Coyotes about tarp-entry, and to level up the skills of the alumni!

Here are some guidelines on how to dress for rainy days (which are usually cold!)

-rain proof shoes (hikers, rain boots or winter boots)

-mitts or gloves (two pairs, as they will get wet)


-rain pants with 1 or 2 layers of pants underneath (long underwear, or stockings/pyjamas work as well)

-many layers on top, plus a rain jacket

-bring: extra socks, maybe pants, and mitts

-warm drink always welcome!

There is a lot of interest in carving; today as we had our first campfire of the season, we enjoyed crayon carving and candle carving, using the heat of the fire to melt colours onto our creations.

Next week, Ms. Lala and Ms. Donna are back for a student-led class! Thank you for your patience as Dawn and I are away! Next week is Part 1 of the classroom part of my training,. Part 2 is in November.

To bring next week: old socks (2), a game to share with the class, or a nature art activity.

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1 Comment

Oct 14, 2023

WOW! What an amazing class to be a part of!

I love seeing what the Coyotes are up to! Always a surprise.

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