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Coyotes, Nov 8

What a beautiful day for our first field trip! We made a few things our priority:


-intuition activities


Minel introduced us to a game called Sniper; it was the perfect place to try it out, and we'd like to try it again! Another game we tried was 'Keep it Up'; it was a good challenge, because it involved a balloon and there was a wind! What was interesting to the teachers is that the Coyotes tried to make the game easier, instead of thinking of a way to solve it. We would say they 99% solved it; we will try again next week to get to 100%. Keep thinking of ways to try it - maybe ask your families, Coyotes!

We entered our game of intuition after having relaxed our muscles and taken a moment to be quiet. We felt this helped us be more in tune with our feelings, and less in our heads. We are amazed at what our 'animal brains' can sense!

The hike itself took longer than we anticipated, so we adapted and took a different route back down to the parking lot. Becoming used to they physical activity that hiking requires will be one of our goals!

We all enjoyed the car rides - there were great discussions had all around! Ask your Coyote:

-how would you solve the balloon game?

-what wildlife or evidence of wildlife did you see?

-if someone was new to hiking, or was going to do the same hike, what advice would you give them?

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