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Coyotes, Nov 8

Mika volunteered to write the blog this week.

The coyotes were loving the snow today. We are learning to play rugby in the snow. I find it's a good challenge for the class only being able to pass backwards or sideways. We also played an interesting game where with your team you had to touch the ball to a certain tree, and there were no other rules. I liked making up rules when we needed them. We had a sledding competition on zombie hill, Bridgette giving you points based on how fast you went and how clean your run was. I liked doing tricks for points! We ate lunch in the cabin and Vita walked us step by step through drawing characters, I liked seeing everyones when we were done. After lunch we did more sledding!!! We found an area with a steep run and a good place with a jump that was really epic. When you went down you got powdery snow right in your face. At the end of our day we had to choose a card to give to each of our group, mine was most likely to bring home a stray puppy. I found that I learned something about myself from what others said about me.

The sledding competition. What was your score and critique?

Thank you Vita for the drawing lesson!

Extreme sledding!

Snow chairs

What are you most likely to do?

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