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Coyotes, Nov 17

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

A few things struck me today - all of them pointing to a mature, engaging group of youth.

We presented the group with a memory/team challenge at the beginning of the class. They ran with this game, and asked to try it over and over again, to improve their time. We were impressed with the strategies they came up with, and their drive to get a better result!

Next, we introduced a very active game of three way tug of war; most of the class really resonated with this, and completely wore themselves out trying to win! Some took a 'nap' after! We know we've done our jobs when they need a nap at Forest School! They kept trying again and again, the same as we witnessed in the first activity; we love how much they love to play!

We then moved to free time, with painting, working on their try-stick, making a sling, and even teaching the younger class near by sword fighting skills. Everyone loved this!

The third thing that struck me was their kindness and the attention they pay to others; during our debrief, we told stories of how we are like our meeple, the animal they chose that is like them. When someone didn't know what they were, the others told stories of when they saw that quality in them. The emotional maturity was deep. This class is definitely growing into a family!

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