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Coyotes, May 30

Today was food week! For the next few weeks we'll be having a theme for each class, doing different things based on the themes such as water week, art week and food week. We also have a new coyote we welcomed to the group so we started off the day with the name game, a first day of the year forest school tradition. The name game is super fun with lots of laughs as we bring back old favorite names (Vita Vending-Machine anyone?). During the game Ms.Lea referenced fire and ice for our cooking today, could it be we wondered? And it was, ice cream for Safiya!!!!

At Sammie's Park we played some old favorite games, revenge tag, zombie ant and a game called asteroid, then voted it was ice cream time. We mixed cream, sugar and vanilla in a bag and double bagged it it in a bag filled with ice and salt to keep it cool, triple bagged it and duct-taped them, then the fun truly began. Normally you shake the ice cream in-the-making but we played catch with the heavy bags, played hot potato and generally just created fun chaos. It was super fun, laughing while throwing the bags back and forth, and shoving the bags at the person beside you in hot potato, while after the song had ended. After the ice cream was deemed shaked we opened it up only to find the salt had leaked. The ice cream was really good after the ten seconds when you first put it in your mouth and had a salt overload. Next it was fire time, which we are experts at and quickly had a nice fire going using only one match, using the tippi design.

Then it was reflector oven time, using cardboard and tinfoil we went with a triangle shape with one open side- we were going to cook s'mores in it. We set up the oven right beside the fire where the heat would reflect off the rinfoil into the box cooking the s'mores to gooey perfection. As we ate our s'mores we read our letters to our future selves aloud to the whole group before putting all the stuff for the time capsule into the metal box to be buried later. Even though we had just eaten s'mores and ice cream we had some lunch and a bathroom run to the cabin.

Then there was lemon blueberry cake to be made, which almost was just lemon cake after Safiya nearly bruised the blueberries. It cooked in the dutch oven in the fire next to the willow sticks, contained in a tin to make charcoal pencils. For the first time all day, after cleaning up we headed fully up the bluff to our spot to bury the time capsule in the ground.

The ground was hard and rocky, but with many references to the book Holes, transferring the time capsule to a smaller container and over half an hour of digging with tiny shovels we buried it. Oh and don't worry it was a proper burial with hallelujah sung and the potato cannon fired. At the same time as the digging we also were firing the potato cannon off, carving the potatoes to just the right size and adding hairspray.

Since it was my (Mika) last day, I gave everyone a letter and a hug and it was the end of the day, the end of food week. I will miss you guys, have a great rest of the year.

Love Mika

Thanks Mika! We wish you happy travels!

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