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Coyotes, March 14

What an exciting game! Such energy and determination from everyone playing and supporting from the sidelines.

Bridgette was keen to be the interviewer after the rugby asking the Coyotes their opinion on the big game so I put her on the spot and she gave this interview for the blog - Thanks Bridgette.

What did you think about today?

I thought it was really fun and it sort of feels good that we're winning.

How have you participated in the rugby? What's been your key role?

Well, so far I think that the best thing I've done was Katie was all lined up for the goal. But there were so many people there and they were all kind of trying to tackle her at once. So then I sort of cleared the way and she was able to score a goal.

How do you think the team is doing as a whole?

I think we're doing really well. I think we have really good formation and are good with teamwork.

Okay, what about the owls? What are they doing well?

I think they're doing a lot of things well, like their formation is good and their tackling formation is good. And yeah, they've just been really good.

Do you want to tell us a little bit about what happened this morning in class?

(talking about the trust building activity) What was really fun for me was that it was very annoying but it was very fun to do.

How was it fun?

Fun in the way that we were having a good time and confused and laughing the entire time and falling down because we didn't know which way to go.

"First of all big thanks to the Owls for coming and competing against us, we wouldn’t have had a game without them, it was a blast! but my favourite part of the day had to have been the pregame activities. Doing blinded trust exercises and communicating without speaking was so much fun!"


"The rugby match was EPIC. Playing with all my fellow coyotes was super

great because I normally play against half of the coyotes. It was also

inspiring to see all the people watching us, and inspired by all the

people who made treats to share. Also a great job by Lucy and Simon

for reffing the game, and Lucy again for writing a speech to read to

the coyotes. I felt mixed emotions before the game, motivated,

excited, fierce and especially nervous but a special visit was

encouraging. We heard howls and yapping of a coyote and one walked

right past us coyotes, staring. How motivating. But once the game

started it was just 100% focus. What a great opportunity to mingle

with the owls."

From Mika

Lucy's pre-match speech

Ms. Megan kindly took lots of photos and video of the rugby. I will share these with you very soon.

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