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Coyotes, February 16

The snow was our third teacher today! We were so pleased to see is back so we could test out our sleds and enjoy some snow ice cream!


A very large bowl full of fresh snow

1 can condensed milk

Flavouring: we used about 1-2 tsp vanilla

Stir, eat and enjoy!

The Coyotes are still planning their next classes based on their experiences in the present class; what they enjoyed, what they'd like to learn more about, and where their skills are lacking.

Today, we had stations set up that reflected these choices: bow drill, sling shot and trading post. We will continue with these explorations next week!

Connection Questions:

-what do you think is the most effective strategy in Eagle/Osprey?

-what makes a 'good' Eagle in this game?

-what station did you chose, and how did that go?

For next week: we will all build a sling shot at the beginning of class and test out our skills. We have some surprises ammo for you! If you have any ideas for ammo, bring them! (mini marshmallows, anyone?)

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