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Coyotes, Dec 13

From Safiya:

"Fire Challenge

This week the Coyotes started the day with a fire challenge. They had to split into teams of two and start a fire with one match, using only the materials provided by the teachers. Me and my team-mate built our fire with small, flammable pieces, and then added the bigger pieces after the fire started. The tipie fire was a popular choice of structure among the Coyotes. After the Coyotes got their fires started, they roasted bannock. It was delicious!"

Thank you so much for your perspective!

The Coyotes class is learning about leadership and group dynamics; we are beginning the process of being able to offer each candid feedback, given with kindness and care! Receiving feedback is also a skill we will practice. As we take turns leading each other, and participating in group projects (with more and more 'on the line') we hope to become accustomed to, and welcome, the insights of others.

Finally, the world premiere of...Coyotes on Ice!

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