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Coyotes, April 10

Today, as always, we gave the Coyotes some ideas and guidance and they were all onboard and ready to step up to the challenge, then create their own.

Human Jenga - we can try more next class so come with an idea or photo on Wednesday.

After her training with Outward Bound Ms Lea has finessed her tarp skills and challenged the Coyotes to put up an Outward Bound high quality tarp with crisp ridge lines and no slack. We tried a shape called the Arrow and a Dining tarp.

Yum Yum Date brownie

Who wants to run away with the circus and be a trapeze artist?

Following the process of a natural artist who creates ephemeral mandalas to connect with nature, to say thanks or as a way to unwind we went through 4 stages before creating our own.

  1. Wander and Collect

  2. Find/feel a place

  3. Clear

  4. Create

We will do this again between now and the end of the year to learn more about ourselves.

"Can we have a longer day?" was the call at the end of class - Spring has definitely arrived!

See you on Wednesday with our special guest teacher, Ms Melanie, aka Mika's Mum.

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Mika Hill
Mika Hill

Yup! Now we need matching outfits! The one with the downtown in the background looks great too!



WOOHOO! Those acro-poses turned out better than I thought!

Photo of the Year:

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