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Cottontails, Sept 28

The mischevious Cottontails were so imaginative during free play today! There was a kitchen full of posion and potion making, which was searched by the police and a SWAT team and defended briefly by a ninja. There was also plenty of transformation: people became energy dragons, stinky frogs and ghost crabs, to name just a few. It was a great opportunity to bond and stretch our imaginations as everyone engaged in this play together.

We continue to enjoy learning games from each other at the beginning of the class. We tried out a traditional Blackfoot race where you run and yell/scream, stopping when your voice gives out, to test your lung capacity. During free play there was also a continuation of the established game of stuffy rescue. This class excels at working together and figuring out how to negotiate new rules and ideas as we go.

Learning about the Indigenous tradition of smudging in our story (Amik Loves School) led to a discussion about what we're thankful for at forest school. The list included water (important on such a hot day!), the teachers, games, the nature, and trees :) The teachers are certainly grateful too, to be part of the community that is forming in the class and to witness all the ways each child is growing.

Connecting questions:

  • Ask your child about their role in stuffy rescue if they played.

  • Did they suggest a game or have a game idea for next week?

  • Did they posion anyone, make a potion, or transform into someone or something powerful during free play?

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