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Cottontails, Nov 24

Today main focus was practicing our carving skills! The Cottontails have been loving sword fighting, so today we worked on carving our sticks to a point. Learning to carve to point requires lots of determination as it can take a while and depending on the wood type can require lots of strength. Everyone eventually carved a point, some went the next step and took off the rest of the wood and sanded it down. Others painted their sticks to look like Santa and some cottontails would test their points in our cardboard target and come back to make it sharper! We played some games to stay warm between carving and had just started to practice our fox walking with the unthinkable happened... Ms. Celine was kidnapped by the Coyotes!

The Cottontails sprung into action (not before a quick debrief on safety protocols, like sword fighting) and quickly found Ms. Celine and rescued her from the Coyotes! It was fun to play with the Coyotes again and we are planning our own ticks for next class.

Connection Questions:

Did your Cottontail find carving a challenge? Where they scared to use a knife? Was it easier then they expected? Did they have to change to different wood?

During the rescue of Ms. Celine, did they jump in, hang back, untie the knots or try to eavesdrop on future plans?

What would your Cottontail like to plan for the coyotes next week? sneak attack? capture Ms. Lea?

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