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Cottontails, Nov 2

Students became teachers in class today. With Ted and Archer guiding us in sledding and games. We played Yeti Ball in the bike track, which of course finished off with the Yeti Dance at the end. Archer led us through a Star Wars game where if we, the Jedi, were hit by a stuffy we turned to the Dark Side. This seemed too easy with eyes open so we played again with eyes closed and had to use the force to sense where to throw. It was much harder and still a lot of fun!

Now the snow has arrived we can start learning some fire skills. We started with trying to get sparks using a flint and steel to light the dryer lint Ted had brought along. This proved tricky for most of us but we kept trying. Archer and Ted commented that Lincoln had made it look so easy last week when he brought his own flint and steel. Fortunately we got to enjoy a micro fire as Ms Quynh just got it.

We missed the rest of you and hope to see you next week!

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