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Cottontails, May 18

This week the Cottontails said farewell to our beloved Ms Jessie. We sent her off with lots of her favourite activity - games! The Coyotes joined us for Coyote Mouse, Card Tag (regular and animal), and Capture the Flag. We met with the Coyotes and made a plan to continue our war, taking time to discuss and agree on what is fair and what our boundaries are when play-fighting together. This was a relief to many Cottontails who had become restless over the peace that was declared and were itching for some fresh shenanigans with our favourite frienemies.

We also thoroughly enjoyed the way the bluff has become alive with plant life now that spring has taken hold. We foraged for dandelions, alfalfa, and creeping bell to make a salad that we shared with the Coyotes, and we used two cups of dandelion petals to mix up the batter for dandelion bread - which Celine is taking home to bake. We'll have a chance to sample it next week! It was wonderful to connect with land and the plants with all of our senses: sight, smell, touch, and taste too!

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