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Cottontails, March 9

Whether it was making snow ice cream despite the recent melt, finding just the right shape of stick for a grappling hook, making a deal with the Coyotes to get their flag out of our tree, or adding more steps to the ladder in our tree fort, the Cottontails showed their ingenuity week.

We continue to develop our teamwork and capacity for friendly competition with games like Zombie Ant and Freeze Tag and we started on a simplified version of Capture the Flag that we're hoping to build on in the weeks to come.

At the end of the day we also had a chance to pause and share some of our favourite moments as well as some challenges of the day before heading back to meet parents and share cupcakes for Simon's birthday.

Connecting questions:

- What ended up working to get the Coyote's flag out of the tree? What else did people try?

- How did you end up with a new snack log at your spot?

- Do you remember your rose (favourite moment) or thorn (challenging moment) from the day?

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