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Cottontails, June 7

The Cottontails were curious to see where the fire was on the bluff and we walked along noticing.

"There's no dandelions because of the fire" - Archer

"It's all black" - Denan

"The leaves are all crumpled up" - Maddie

"How did this one not get burned?" - Walter, looking at a plant at the edge of the path when everything else around it was scorched.

Ivy wanted to help the trees live and poured her water on to them.

We'll return to the fire area and see if we see signs of life in the next few weeks and in the fall.

We reinvented the game Yeti Ball so we could play for longer in the heat. Archer named it 'Yeti Ball in the Shade.' The yeti's had to catch people by keeping in the shade of the trees and they were only allowed in the sunny patches 6 times in the game. Ask your Cottontail about it.

We also played the classic Drip, Drip, Drop to stay cool. Some of the Cottontails weren't keen to get wet but by the end everyone was soaked and still happy. Megan suggested playing with our eyes closed so we didn't know when we'd get water on our head - great fun!

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