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Cottontails, June 14

Today highlighted how these Cottontails are forest school pros. No one batted an eye at the weather. Instead we dived in to a game of Blind Eye Spy that made us focus on communication and trust and brought out many laughs too! During free time we built traps and played in the mud. "I'm making ground beef. Get it?" - Walter (as he pressed a deep frying ladle into the muddy ground to make little mud balls, which he then plated).

The trap built by Walter and Archer started out with Archer's plan to build something fun to share with "the Chickadees" - the class he remembers from last year. Maddie and Walter also concocted a muddy poison, and all three Cottontails spent part of free time tying up Celine.

We ended the day working on our friendship weaving, the project for the end of the year. We shared some memories and designated different colours of yarn to go with them - white for sledding and orange for friendship. We also wondered whether the wind under the tarp could be the ghosts of previous forest schoolers and discussed what our own haunting noises would be if we were ghosts.

Connecting questions:

- what colours are you adding to your friendship weaving?

- what would be your haunting noise if you were a ghost?

- did you prefer to be blindfolded or be a helper in blind eye spy?

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