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Cottontails, Jan 26

Today the Cottontails' ingenuity was on display with the Stuffie Rescue Challenge: Each person had the chance to create a container that would attach to a pulley and transport stuffies (the more, the merrier!) across the "chasm of death", marked out by two logs. Everyone came up with such creative designs! Ask your child about what challenges they encountered and overcame as they designed and tested their containers.

We also had fun climbing in the new fort another class had built, played a team-building game of Yeti Ball, and ate bannock by the fire. Our friends the Coyotes were practicing being stealthy in the woods and snuck close to our camp during free time, so we ended up playing with them as well. Some Cottontails paired off to chat with their favourite Coyotes or make new friends, several started a trading post to exchange forest goods, and others preferred to keep a friendly rivalry going and chase Coyotes back to their territory. Ask your child about their relationship with the Coyotes and what they enjoy about playing with another class.

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