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Cottontails, Feb 1

This week at the bike track some of the Cottontails constructed a rope house while others advanced their wood chopping skills, learning to use an axe.

The rope house became a hub of activity. Some were invited in - "We're having a party in our house!" - while others climbed on the "public transit line" log above.

On our way in we also saw so many rabbit tracks, and rabbit poop too. Speculating on what all the rabbits were doing one child said: "Maybe it's like a forest school for rabbits!" We also discussed the size of different animal footprints (rabbit, coyote, bear, wolf) and which animals are nocturnal. This class has a lot of nature knowledge!

We continued to build on the Cottontails love of games with a new game: Contraband, where one team smuggles cards from one location to another while the other team stops and searches the smugglers, hoping to confiscate the stolen goods (we used playing cards). Ask your Cottontail which role they preferred, smuggler or checker, and where the best hiding spot was in their winter outfit.

See you next week Cottontails!

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