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Cottontails, Dec 7

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The snow was perfect for building today! Since we missed Ted, we decided to build him. Meet Frosty the Tedman:

Alongside all the fun snow play that the winter invited us into, we had an extended lesson on fire. We started with match lighting, which flowed naturally into fire building (we practiced the log cabin or box fire structure), then chopping wood, fire lighting, and tending.

As we learned and practiced these skills there were other kinds of learning happening too, with each child on their own journey of discovery and self-development. The Cottontails practiced things like emotional self-awareness and management (recognizing and managing a fear of fire), goal achievement (getting a pile of spent matches to burn), optimism (the will to give things lots of tries!), selecting solutions and reality testing (figuring out the best way to keep the fire going), relationship building (there was lots of shared enthusiasm, discussion, and encouragement as the Cottontails cheered each other on).

Each week we get to know each other a little better and as we face challenges and make discoveries the growth of each individual child and our growth as a group becomes more evident.

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