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Cottontails, Dec 1

What a day we had! The Cottontails had to save Ms. Celine again, those rascally Coyotes kidnapped her. However before the kidnapping the Cottontails had been planning how they wanted to surprise the Coyotes, they had agreed on a new base and were figuring out if they wanted to invite the Coyotes over for Tea when the Coyotes came over with a distraction! They enticed the Cottontails into a friendly game of charades while the others Kidnapped Celine! The Cottontails worked together as a team (staying together, no man left behind) as they snuck up on the jail. They tried to save Ms. Celine only to find out it was Ms. Lea (the other teacher). After many more kidnapping, knot tying, attempts of stealing information, team work and sword fighting we ended our rivalry over candy cane tea and agreed to do it all again next week!

Trying to save teammates and kidnap the other team is a great way for the Cottontails to practice listening to each other and working together to make a plan. We are practicing taking time to think and plan verses simply react in order to out smart the Coyotes. Ask your Cottontail what their role was? Spying? kidnapping? knot tying? What is their plan for next week? any ideas?

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