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Cottontails, Apr 6

The Cottontails enjoyed starting the class with some free time, to explore the space, fix the fort, and catch up. A few of the Cottontails started planning the flag mission as we still have one of the Coyotes flags. They combined a bunch of their ideas and by using camouflage, keeping a few of the spies in the dark and a new hiding spot we successfully kept the flag until the end of class. There was a couple very creative well executed decoy plans, using some of our previous mapping skills to keep the coyotes busy for a while. Ask your cottontail the secrets of the plan but only if there is no coyotes listening!

The Coyotes had brought the water rocket again and a few of the Cottontails, went over to build, decorate and help with the rocket launching. Ask you cottontails what their rocket looked like (most likely quite sparkly) and if it was able to fly higher.

We ended the day by chatting about some of the emotions we experienced during our class, and made a visual representation using beads and wire. There was lots of great insight and common emotions, like feeling sneaky, excited, challenged/frustrated and peaceful. Ask your cottontail about their bracelet.

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