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Cottontail Rabbits, 7 June

We laid an elaborate trap for the coyotes... since we had access to their area while they were canoeing last week. We made trails with clues, compass directions and measurements of length to guide the unsuspecting coyotes to the trap (a counterweight and cinched tarp). We lured them with treasure (our beaded creations and a decorative sign). This activity thrilled the Cottontails, energised them all to design the perfect trap and facilitated some great learning along the way. Thankfully the coyotes class were obliging and made it lots of fun for our class.... of course, after an ambush, the cottontails wanted to be captured in their own trap!

In our explorative play time we had military camps with stick fences and tarp structures inclusive of maps and training camps.... Joe had half the class doing push-ups at one time. We also enjoyed edible kitchen creations, with pastes made of dandelion petals and alfalfa and creeping bell leaves being offered.

We were able to investigate a chickadee nest in a tree hollow, which was a source of fascination and delight.

In readiness for our visit next week from a local Indigenous woman, Dori, we made beaded and sewing creations, developing these skills and discussed questions we might want to ask Dori.

All in all an amazing forest school morning of fun!

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