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Chickadees, Sept 22

Our adventuring continued as we took a slightly different route to find the dragon's home, where we fed him the tasty treats we'd collected on the way. A bush with bright red berries (rosehips) caught our attention and Cruz said everyone could take only one. This led to a discussion about why it's good to take from nature only what we need and leave plenty for other creatures.

At our spot several children were baking in the mud kitchen. There were many delicious looking creations; muffins, chocolate chip cookies, cake - Yum! All made with nature ingredients, especially mud, giving the children a sensory experience.

In the tool circle we hammered nails into pumpkins. This was quite a challenge for some as their pumpkins were hard. Archer turned his pumpkin into a spaceship by adding sticks to it and flying it around.

Connection Questions:

How do you feel walking through the bushes?

Did you make something in the kitchen?

What was the game we played?

What does the dragon look like?

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