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Chickadees, Oct 16

You never know what nature is going to give you at Forest School! First of all, a bobcat was spotted going into the bluff at the beginning of class. Bobcats avoid human interaction, and it is extremely unlikely that an incident with a bobcat will occur, so I felt completely comfortable proceeding with our class. I have heard about a bobcat den in the bluff, and feel honoured to share the space with such a peaceful creature! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to approach one of the teachers!

On our way to out site, Olive spotted a dead mouse; careful not to touch it directly, we explored it's feet, it's mouth and it's tail. We wondered about burying it, or leaving it for someone's lunch. We left it to see if it would be there by the end of class (ask your Chickadee!). Collecting leaves on the way up allowed us to build amazing leaf creatures, letting us see the creativity of the children. With games and pulley exploration, the class flew by. At the end of class, Ms. Jessie leads us in a debrief; the rocks are used to help the children express an emotion they felt at some point during the class. This awareness of self is great to see developing in the children!

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