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Chickadees, Oct 13

Today we broke into two groups for our challenges! Having the smaller groups allows for more creative direction from the chickadees on how the challenges can evolve and grow. We work on taking turns, cheering each other and getting excited to try things after the first attempt didn't work how we wanted it too. One group built obstacle courses for tennis balls (that is where the dirty faces came from!) and the other group practiced ninja jumping and throwing. We brought out the potatoes again to practice our peeling skills and learning which tool does which job best! Afterwards the chickadees broke into natural play groups, some played a ninja game while some painted their potatoes. Thank you for dressing your chickadee warmly as the rain made for a damp class and everyone stayed warm!

Connection questions:

Which challenge was tricky for you? Jumping with two feet, jumping over the rock? throwing your stuffy through the fence? Rolling the ball through the pylons?

Which character in the ninja game were you? did you have a special stick?

Did you peel your potato until it was all white? did you make potato muffins with it?

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