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Chickadees, Nov 24

We have been learning about landmarks for our map making and reading at forest school. To practice, all the Chickadee's drew the landmarks we see on our walk up to our spot, benches, signs, fences ect. Ask your chickadee which landmarks they drew?

During todays class some of the Chickadees joined together as Ninjas to fight off a bad guy, who I can't remember, this play lasted for a much longer time then any previous play as they ran around to different areas to fight. They also created traps using ropes and trees. We see lots of parallel play in the Chickadees class where children are playing beside each other with similar ideas or items but are still individual while the ninja game was associative or social play where they must play under the same set of ideas or rules for the game to continue to move forward. Ask your chickadee if they played the Ninja game and who the bad guy was!

We built and decorated drums, experimenting with different sizes and playing surfaces. At the end of class we tried different rhythms and volumes trying to match each other. Next week we will continue with the music theme and practice our drumming some more!

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