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Chickadees, May 18

What a fun day the chickadees had! On the way up the hill, the Coyotes class hid in the trees so we had to find them. Everyone loved finding them and this happened multiple times. At our spot we read a story called Mudkin and another called Raven And Loon. During our story we enjoyed a snack. We went up the hill on a hunt for treasures like dandelions , berries, and leaves. Everyone carried a yogurt container with a string handle. I think everyone's favorite part of our walk was rolling back down the hill. When we got back some of the kids found some beads in the dirt. There was lots of bead hunting, especially for the sparkly ones. There was also some sawing in the tool circle this time we focused on learning how to keep the saw in a grove . Near the end of class we played mud kitchen filling containers with water and dirt. We played until we ran out of water. Our final activity was the zip line, all the kids took turns riding it.

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