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Chickadees, June 8

When the Chickadees arrived at their spot today a big fort was there. The fort had a kitchen, a swing and even grass beds . The older class, the Coyotes, turned out to be hiding in the grass and they had built the fort for the Chickadee class. The fort was a huge hit for everybody. Ms. Megan told us a story using rocks with pictures on. We also enjoyed a snack during the story. Today we went searching for dandelions to make muffins. Once we had collected plenty of dandelions we took the petals to put in the muffins. Each child got to hold an ingredient like flour, egg, honey then when we were ready for it they helped put it in the mixing bowl. Ms. Megan is going to take them home to bake and bring them back next week. We had some freeplay where we painted rocks and sticks in many different colors . We had some use a hatchet in the tool circle with some help. Mud kitchen was a must with the kitchen created for us, everyone kept coming back for water. Near the end of the day we had cupcakes for Brianne's birthday and listened to a story called Would you like a doughnut.

If you'd like to try the dandelion bread recipe at home here is the recipe link:

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