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Chickadees, Jan 13

Themes Explored:

Observation of our surroundings, being explorers on a new land; noticing and describing what we observe.

Pirates, walking the plank, feeding sharks and singing pirate songs.

Cutting sticks to build a structure on the island.

Colours and recalling other things of similar colours.

Skills Embraced:

Balance; walking the plank, balancing on the fallen tree.

Throwing/aim; throwing items into the pit to feed the sharks.

Saw use to cut sticks.

Imaginative play; kitchen, cupcake making, pirate adventures.

Painting the snow.

Contributing to oral storytelling.

Connection Questions:

What challenging way did you walk the plank?

What tools did you use and what did you make? Did you use a saw, a hammer, or kitchen tools like the mixer, muffin tin, bowls, cups, measuring spoons?

Did you balance on the big fallen tree?

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