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Chickadees, Feb 5

The Early Birds and the Chickadees are asking after each other - they are noticing some of their friends are missing! We will be drawing pictures for each other next week as a way of saying "I remember and I miss you!". Our smaller numbers are allowing us to pursue activities we might not do until the older classes, such as beginning carving and match lighting. We look forward to being able to have a campfire with these classes! We have noticed all the children are so much stronger in their hill climbing, and are more able to negotiate the hill when they climb back up after sliding (it's so slippery!). They are also more patient with themselves when they are climbing, and even trying something new like carving. They are growing up, that's for sure!

Thanks again for your patience with our licencing adventure; I don't have new news, but will update you when there is movement!

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