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Chickadees, Dec 8

My apologizes for the late blog! With the sun out we got to play and build in the snow today. The Chickadees found a snow man which they couldn't resist knocking down but then a few wanted to preserve the big snow ball. This took some convincing but eventually everyone was on board to make it bigger. They worked together gathering snow and packing it down, it cracked a couple times but they patched it back up. We eventually carried it up the hill to more fresh snow and a few more snowballs emerged. We also built snow cones and castles ask your Chickadee which snow activity they were apart of and what was the final fate of their snowball?

Then we spent time in the tool circle, practicing our sanding and filing as we made Christmas wood cookies, we also took turns with the drills. There was a few games in free play and then as the weather started to get colder we did a scavenger hunt which was left for us by the older class. The Chickadees are getting really good at identifying the land marks on the map and then going to the ones in our spot. Ask your Chickadee if they found the gems, and if they hid new ones ?

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