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Chickadees, Apr 6

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The chickadees were very busy today! Once we got to our spot we started to notice all the birds that were around us, mostly chickadees and wood peckers. After playing a matching game of birds to their sounds the chickadees were coming even closer! We started to make some bird feeders in hopes of luring them closer! Ask your Chickadee if the chickadees ate any of our seeds? We also took some time coloring some of the most common birds on the bluff and hope to learn more about their sounds and colors in the next couple classes!

During free time some of the Chickadees explored the bluff looking for their next base. They explored all sorts of places and eventually made it to the top of the Bluff, where they all agreed had a beautiful view. During their exploration they all stayed together, waiting and making sure the others knew where they were and staying close enough to the teacher! Ask your Chickadee which base was their favorite?

The Chickadees that stayed at our spent bounced between hammering, frisbee throwing and an imaginative stuffie game. It seems the chickadees are enjoying the imaginative play more and more. Ask your Chickadee which character were they in the stuffie game.

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